Report your relocation

Are you moving within Losser? Or are you moving from another Dutch municipality to Losser? Please report your relocation here.

You can register four weeks before your moving date, until 5 days after you have moved at the very latest. Are you moving to a different municipality? Then you should register at that municipality.

Report your relocation by phone

You can call 053 - 53 77 444(within the Netherlands) or +31 53 53 77 444 (from abroad).


Reporting a relocation is free.

Good to know: if you do not report your relocation, you might risk an administrative fine (Dutch).


You will need to bring:

•    A valid identity document.
•    A written permission from the main resident if you are moving in with someone. You will also need to bring a copy of his/her identity document.

Other points of attention

The following persons are allowed to report a relocation:

  • Everyone aged 16 years and above
  • Parents, guardians or caregivers of minors.
  • Parents, guardians or caregivers of in-house minors, who are 16 years and above, unless the minor reports his/her relocation him/herself.
  • Curators for those under legal restraint.
  • Parents and adult children, provided they live on the same address.
  • Spouses or registered partners, provided they live on the same address.
  • An authorized adult.

Postal address

You cannot provide us with a postal address as your home address.

Authorities that will be notified about your relocation

The municipality will automatically inform all government authorities, pension funds and health insurance companies about your relocation.